DOFUS Touch Tips: Iop's Main Spell For Strength Build

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It takes 10 spell points to raise a spell up to level 5. So to have everything here listed except Iop

Dofus Touch Kamas Farming Tips

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Dofus Touch is a free-to-play mobile strategy MMORPG developed by Ankama Games for iOS and Android platforms. The thing is that the most important currency at the game is the Dofus Touch Kamas and in order to get these Kamas you will have to start clearing out as many dungeons as you can and kill many monsters or the easiest way is to pay a visit to the game market and start purchasing Kamas with money, so we decided to create some tips to help you out with playing the game and to save your money as well.

The key task is to look for the methods of making kamas faster. There are four of the most effective tips to earning kamas for your solo playing needs.


Dominate In Koloseum PvP

With the help of a low-level PvP set and a solid class build, you can dominate the koloseum and start racking up kollo tokens which can be traded and then eventually net you millions of kamas (if you rise up in the ratings and really master the art of koloseum ownage.) The real danger here is in "overleveling" your assigned PvP alt and prematurely losing your edge; instead, put most of your XP on your mount and guild to squeeze as most kamas per level.

Pet Taming And Training

While not a fast method to earn Dofus Touch kamas, pet taming and training can deliver millions of kamas with little initial cash investment, You will need to first scan the market for the most expensive and in-demand pets at the moment such as nomoons.

When trained to have max stats, these pets can sell for several millions of kamas each, making them worth the hassle of feeding them every 12 hours or so based on their preferred diet. This method is also not time-intensive, but it does require you to be constantly logging into the game to perform routine pet training even during the busier weekdays, which can be a deal breaker for exclusively weekend players.

Selling Almanax Trade-ins

Take advantage of the predictable schedule for Almanax trade-ins by stocking up on the items that will be in-demand them a week or two before, and netting yourself a cool profit when you sell them near or during the actual day of the trade-in. Most casual players will not have the foresight to farm ahead of time, so you will have less competition for gathering the required offerings. As a nice extra, you will always have the offering to net the kama and Meridian bonuses for the day.

Buying And Selling Runes

Presumably from the four tips above, you will have accumulated a substantial stash of kamas. Before you on a spending spree, you should consider using it to fund the fifth - and possibly most lucrative - method: Buying and selling runes. Consider targeting MP runes, Pa prospecting runes, Range runes since these sell fast and are almost always demanded, making their prices less likely to drop even with a huge influx of supply.


If you want to make Dofus Touch Kamas quicker, buying cheap Dofus Touch Kamas in a reliable store is a good idea. You can visit DofusTouch-Kamas to have more guides and methods about this. Also, DofusTouch-Kamas is the professional Dofus Touch Kamas sales store, you are free to purchase from if you need.

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Dofus Touch Kamas Here Is Cheaper

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Gathered resources must be used to craft armor and weapons in Dofus Touch so you stand a chance battling enemies. With better equipment you will receive new skills: create the fitting gear and weapons for your own playstyle! This choice also affects your role in the game, as there are no pre-determined classes in Dofus Touch.


You can buy many things in DOFUS Touch, but you have to pay for it in game. Therefore you need Dofus Touch Kamas. Dofus Touch Kamas is the common currency for Dofus Touch on every Realm. With it you pay at the auction house, for weapons, armour and food. It will not work without Dofus Touch Kamas, because nobody can live in Dofus Touch completely without bought goods like armours, potions, weapons or enchantments. You need Dofus Touch Kamas to pay other players or support your guild. Buy Dofus Touch Kamas and get happy.

Farmer/Baker combo is a good way for you to make cheap dofus touch kamas at low levels. They are lots of people buying bread. At high levels you can go to Hunter/Butcher and supply yourselves with meats and sell them.

In addition, here at DofusTouch-Kamas, you can buy Dofus Touch Kamas, the in-game currency of Dofus Touch. Make sure to have enough kamas to craft the perfect equipment for your character and purchase useful items. Buy Dofus Touch kamas now at DofusTouch-Kamas!

Redeem Holiday Present With Gift Code In Dofus Touch

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Christmas is coming! To celebrate the great Kwismas, the game official site offers a gift to thank our players. Gmaers can use the code to redeem the present. Notably, the gift code is useful from December 24 to December 25.



The Redeem Step: Simply copy and paste this code in the "redeem code" section of the website and celebrate Kwismas.

The Gift: 1 Brrrito Set + 1 Gold Booster for KROSMAGA

Note: To redeem the gift, be sure to use the code between 15:00 (Paris Time) on December 24 and 20:00 (Paris Time) on December 25.

You can mark this event in your calendars to avoid missing out on the gift. By the way, to celebrate Christmas, DofusTouch-Kamas launches a big holiday promotion which ends on December 25. You can use our special coupon code "DOFUSKAMAS" to enjoy a 5% off on all Dofus Touch Kamas.


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