It takes 10 spell points to raise a spell up to level 5. So to have everything here listed except Iopís Wrath up to level 5 before you hit level 100, you will need to use 80 spell points. This leaves you with 19 spell points (when you hit 100) to do whatever you want with. I would recommend saving them because once you hit 100 youíll want to increase Iopís Wrath to level 5 as it will be your most powerful spell (and is arguably the most powerful spell in the game once you hit it at full power). Then when you reach 101, youíll want to raise Pressure and Intimidation or Jump to level 6. This will take the rest of your spell points leaving you with 0.

Personal Preference: I chose to level up Jump instead of Intimidation to level 6. Jump is one of the IopĎs best spells and I would be lying to you if I didnĎt say that it has saved me many times from death, being able to jump 6 square is a big help, itĎs also good for interception.



At Level 5, this is going to be the staple spell of your arsenal. Itís not the most powerful attack but it still hits good for being the first spell you learn.

What makes this spell good is that it can hit within a range of 2 squares, so you donít have to be directly next to an enemy in order to use it. This is critical in the early leveling stages because you can match enemies like Gobballs for MP and just stay 1 step ahead of them and whack away at their HP until you come out on top. Also, at level 5 you can use this spell twice in one turn.


-Requires little AP at Level 5 [3 AP] and Level 6 [2 AP] to use

-Can attack in a range of 2 squares

-Can attack diagonally

-Does NOT have a limit to the amount of times it can be cast, so it can be chained together many times with enough AP to do lots of damage.


-There isnít any real drawbacks to this useful little spell except the fact that it isnít range modifiable. That being said, itís stuck at 1-2 range.


This spell is used for battlefield manipulation. It is good for getting enemies out of your face or to save an ally from a bad situation.

This spell is very useful for manipulation of the battlefield. There are even some situations in the game where a spell like this is almost mandatory for completion of a specific circumstance, such as when an enemy has extremely high dodge-locking capability or attempting to set an enemy up for something big or even to put an enemy within range of one of their teamís own devastating attacks.


-Can push enemies up to 4 squares away [at Level 6]

-Can cause high amounts of pushback damage if chained together while an enemy is against a wall. This is a good way to do damage to something that has resistances in a specific element.

-Can be used to position enemies, allies or to save lives

-Can be used to push enemies up against other enemies to do pushback damage to both of them.


-The Direct Damage it causes is low, only 5-9 at Level 6.

-Must be right next to the enemy to use

-Although it can cause Pushback damage, if the enemy is up against a wall or another object, using the spell for battlefield manipulation is useless unless you can position yourself in such a way that youíll push them away or along the object, not against it.


This is perhaps one of the Iopís most useful spells. At Level 6, the user can jump a maximum of 6 squares.

This spell can save your life and the lives of others if used correctly. This spell doesnít require a line of sight (will hereby be referred to as LoS) so you can jump over anything and everything as long as whatís on the other side is actually part of the battle space.


-Can move up to 6 squares with the spell at level 6

-Does not require a LoS so that it can be used in almost any situation that calls for mass movement without fear of not being able to go where you want to go

-Can be used to move a large amount of space even when all of the casterís MP is gone.

-Can be used to get that extra step or two in to get a hit on an enemy that would otherwise be unreachable [AP permitting of course]


-Due to the AP cost of Jump, it is not as versatile as spells like Flight or Leap, which can be used to get the caster out of danger and still be able to attack decently.


A useful spell that can be cast on you or an ally (even enemies so be careful when targeting you or an ally when surrounded) that increases your vitality for 20 turns. There is a 5 turn cool down on this spell so it can be chained up to 4 times before they start wearing off.

Vitality can be used to give you a quick HP boost if you are getting beat up. I would be lying if I didnít say this has saved me from countless situations where even the smallest amount of HP mattered. If you do end a fight like this, you will be restored to 1 HP at the end of the fight with no penalty. It can also be used on an ally who is getting the tar beat out of them and needs some extra HP to stay alive.


-Having extra HP is always good, even if itís not in a critical situation

-Can be cast up to 4 times on 1 person for a max of 604~720 HP [Level 5] or 1004~1200 HP [Level 6]

-Can be used to keep alive in a tough situation

-Can be used to keep an ally alive


-A 5 turn cool down requires some planning while using the spell

-This spell is NOT a state, meaning it can be unbewitched so if you have 3 of these stacked on you keeping you alive and you get unbewitched, you will die.

-If you die while using this spell on an ally to keep them alive, the effect will cancel out, meaning if the spell is what is keeping an ally alive, they will die too.

-Can be cast on an enemy, so care is required when using the spell while being surrounded


One of the Iopís best buffs. It allows for a substantial damage increase that can help turn the tide of a fight. It can be used on allies, enemies and yourself so be careful.


-Greatly increases damage dealt by 70% [Level 5] or 100%[Level 6]. Damage is effectively doubled at Level 6.

-Can be used on allies, so even if youíre not very strong in a fight, you can give a 5 turn +70% damage boost [Level 5] to a much stronger ally.


-Has a 5 turn cool down.

-Can be unbewitched


Mutilation is a spell that requires very little AP to use [2 AP at Level 5] that increases Neutral/Earth based damage and even other attacks to an extent. When you use it at level 5, it will increase your physical damage by +40 and your Damage by 40%. The +40 is applied ONLY to Earth and Neutral based attacks, while the +40% is applied to everything. This attack only lasts for 1 turn, so you must attack in the same turn you use it or it will go to waste.


-Can greatly increase the damage done by Earth/Neutral attacks by compounding both damage bonuses

-Can considerably increase the damage done by other attacks with the +40% bonus.

-Requires little AP to cast [Level 5 and Level 6]


-Can ONLY be cast on you

-Does some damage to the caster

Personal Preference: I like to use this spell in big combos. If I have something like 10 AP, I will use Mutilation and chain together 3 Concentrations and a Pressure. Or if the situation calls, 2 sword attacks if AP permits. The situation varies depending on enemy resists.


This spell is going to become a good part of your arsenal as well. From the very start it is 2 AP. It generally hits less than Pressure for the first 4 levels, but at level 5 it will hit as much, if not more than Pressure. At the lower levels, it can hit more, but at Level 5 it is guaranteed to hit just as much or higher.

This spell is good because it only requires 2 AP to use. So it can be used to finish off a turn where you have 2 or so AP left or if you want to chain together multiple Concentrations. This spell can only be cast 3 times on any given target because of this low AP cost.


-Low AP cost

-Can hit the same, if not more than Pressure at Level 5


-Only has a range of 1, so you have to be right next to your enemy to use it

-Can ONLY be cast 3 times on any given target

-Generally low damage until Level 5

Sword of Iop

This is the time when you start to be able to very high amounts of damage. At level 5 it can be used up to 4 squares away. This spell will NOT damage the caster even if he is in the AoE.

This spell can effectively be used to hit up to 12 targets. This is doable under very rare circumstances where the enemies are lined up in a cross shape where if you jump in the middle of them they perfectly fit the AoE. Letís say youíre facing north. There is one enemy in front of you and 2 behind him. Behind you there are 2 enemies, and to the left and right of the enemy to your north, there are 3 each in a line. If you target the enemy in front of you, you will hit every single enemy. The problem with this spell is that the it is Linear. By that I mean you can ONLY cast it in a straight line. Also, this spell is range modifiable. This is a double-edged sword in a sense that if a Cra uses his range boost on you and you get +7 Range you can effectively ďsnipeĒ with this spell. But if something like an Araknawa uses Visual Confusion which can take up to 7 range away from you, the spell becomes practically useless as the AoE will only extent up to 3 squares in any given area off of you. That being stated, this spell CAN hit allies and if it does, it will hurt. So you should make sure the AoE is clear of friendlies before you use the spell to avoid committing fratricide.


-Has a very large AoE of 13 squares in a cross shape.

-Can be targeted in front of an obstacle and hit a target hiding behind the obstacle so long as that obstacle doesnít take up 3 map squares.

-Very powerful

-Range Modifiable

-Will NOT damage the caster


-Very high AP cost [5 AP at Level 5]

-Is a Linear attack making it a bit tricky to use

-Can hit allies

-Range Modifiable, the enemy can sap your range and make the spell basically a CC attack with potential to damage allies

-Can ONLY be cast 2 times in one turn

-Although very powerful, the damage range is very random 13~39 at level 5 and just because you hit 300 with it one turn, you might hit 150 with it another.

Iop's Wrath

Quite possibly the most powerful spell in the game next to Punishment. Iop's Wrath is a two stage attack, with the first attack hitting very high damage on the first strike and after a 4 turn cool down, hits with the most power of any attack in the game.

Iop's Wrath is a tremendously powerful attack but due to the fact that it has a 4 turn cool down, it requires quite a bit of planning to use. A lot of the situations that arise where it would actually require use is during a dungeon boss or something powerful like one. The issue with that is you have to get directly next to the enemy to use and that opens you up to a very powerful hit (a lot of dungeon bosses can do very high damage at close range) which may render you either dead, missing a bunch of AP, or him just hitting you very hard and then running away. However, once everything is right, casting this spell will usually yield you with an attack ranging into the thousands.


-2 stage attack can be used as a normal hit for VERY high earth damage.

-Once charged up, it can hit thousands, which is effectively a death blow for a lot of enemies or a hit that is well needed in killing some higher level monsters.

-Due to the fact that Iopís Wrath is a state, it can NOT be unbewitched and can only be cancelled if you were killed and then revived.


-A 4 turn cool down on the spells use requires a lot of planning to use properly

-Extremely high AP cost [7 AP at Level 5] makes this spell tricky to use, especially against enemies that take AP.

-High AP cost usually renders the Iop mostly useless after he uses it. It also makes it so that unless the Iop has 12 AP, he wonít be able to jump to catch up to the enemy to wrath it, so it can go to waste.

-Must be directly next to the enemy, this opens you up to a potential devastating situation as you have to put yourself in harms way to use the spell.

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